Duterte challenges his son's accusers to bring out evidence on his alleged corruption activities

President Rodrigo Duterte challeneged the accusers of his son Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte to present evidence that his son was involved in corruption activities.

Duterte emphasized in a speech during the foundation anniversary of Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City that these people need to present the evidences since there are two  kinds of it, oral and documentary.

“If my son was really into it, all you have to do is to produce the paper. Because there are two kinds of evidence, oral pati documentary," said Duterte.

He added he will step down from his seat if they can give an affidavit.

“Sabi ko, just give me an affidavit and I will step down as President of this Republic."

Rody exclaimed it is his commitment to the people to be true to his words.

Customs broker Mark Taguba earlier named several government officials who were on the take from smugglers during a congressional hearing last August 6.

One of them was the President's son Paolo who immediately denied the allegations.

During the congressional hearing, the broker said it was only a rumor. The younger Duterte dared Taguba to show proof because all the statements being issued were based on rumors.

Source: InquirerRappler