Duterte on his love life, shares why he can't have another girlfriend

Before he was seated as the chief of the land, President Rodrigo Duterte admitted he was a playboy, however put his old attitude behind.

Image from ABS CBN News

In his speech during the Bureau of Internal Revenue Anniversary Celebration, thought it may not exactly be out of love, Duterte said he can't afford to have a girlfriend considering his monthly salary as President is divided between his two families.

He warned people who are spreading rumors that he has another girl aside from his common law wife Cielito "Honeylet" Salvador Avanceña.

"Kaya huwag kayong magsabi ngmga tsismis na may babae, babae. Kasi pag ka dagdagan ko pa ng isayan ang labas ko dito graft and corruption talaga. Sigurado yan," Duterte related corruption to infidelity acts.

The president on the other hand,  confirmed that he did bring women to motels when he was still the Davao City Mayor.

"Mag-date kami eh di sa motel. Wala  yung mga hotel, hotel na. Ito prangkahan. Totoo eh," he added.

Duterte's marriage with his wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman has been annulled.

Source: Politics