Duterte says Paolo's business is Ukay-Ukay: If that is smuggling I will resign

President Rodrigo Duterte defends his son Davao City Vice Mayor, Paolo Duterte that he is not related to any corruption activities by sharing where he earns for a living.

In his speech during the inauguration ceremony of Solar Philippines factory, Duterte said Paolo is involved in his in-law's business which is selling ukay-ukay or second hand clothes.

"Yun yung mga vendors sa Davao-jars, ukay-ukay. Eh napasali siya diyan sa pamilya ng asawa niya ang negosyo," said Duterte.

The president further shared that Paolo since he was 18 years old worked hard times two to feed his family.

"Kaya makikita mo yan sa pantalan. Eh kung magtanong lang kayo nasa pantalan, palaging nasa pantalan yan, tumutulong sa in-laws niya. Eh walang hanapbuhay eh."

Rody stressed that there is nothing wrong with Paolo's business.

However, the president challenged bashers that if they consider it smuggling they need to prove it and he will step down from his seat.

"Pero kung yung mga jars, ukay-ukay, yung pinapalusot ng in-laws niya, if that is smuggling, then give me an accounting and I will resign. Walang problema yan sa akin," Duterte added

Paolo was tagged to the P5 million scandal of Bureau of Customs after fixer Mark Taguba claimed that he is connected to the so called Davao Group.

The senate and house of representative is now looking into the alleged corruption within Customs after a shabu shipment  worth P6.4 billion from China went passed the officials last May.

Source: GMARapplerPolitics