Duterte throws a joke to Inquirer: Buhay pa pala kayo.

Mainstream media seems to be unfriendly with President Rodrigo Duterte but how about him?

The 72 year old president could not help but to throw some jokes in between his speech in different occasions. In a press briefing after he met the diplomats inside the Malacanang Palace, Duterte used newspaper giant, Philippine Daily Inquirer as the subject of his joke, August 7.

As a prelude in the press briefing, an Inquirer reporter named Philip Tubeza introduced himself to Duterte before asking a question.

"Inquirer? Buhay pa pala kayo?" answered Duterte on the other hand.

Rody asked Tubeza to inquire about the owners of the company he is working which is the Rufino-Prieto family, when they plan to return to Mile Long property to the government.

The lease contract of the said property according to Duterte has already expired last 2002 and it was long overdue to return it.

After the Rufino-Prieto agreed to sell the majority of their property, it will be billionaire Ramon Ang who will have the full control over the media giant.

In addition, business tycoon Manny Pangilinan also said he will also sell his 15 percent stock in the company so that Ang's takeover will be done neatly.

Earlier this month, Pangilinan emphasized his decision is purely business and no emotional basis.

"It’s just business, no emotions. As of today, technically no (we haven’t sold it yet), but we have an agreement to sell," he said in an interview.

The Inquirer has been the focus of President Duterte’s ire, claiming that the newspaper has been unfair in its reporting on him and his administration, an allegation that the Inquirer has denied.

Source: PoliticsPhilstar