Duterte sets aside P2M for corrupt cops: I know where to find you

President Rodrigo Duterte offered P2 million for the heads of corrupt policement who put the government into a bad image.

In a press conference in Bahay Pangarap, Duterte expressed his rant on policement who engage in crime even they salaries went double.

"Kung yun ang ipakita mo sa akin, mga putang ina ninyo, talagang hahabulin ko kaya. I would be placing 2 million per head. Two million. Alalahanin ninyo, may pamilya kayo. Alam namin kung saan kayo nakatira," said Duterte.

The president further said that the bounty also covers cops with a warrant of arrest for alleged involvement in heinous crimes such as kidnapping and murder.

Duterte said there are enough funds o finance the reward of informants who will tip the government off on the whereabouts of corrupt cops.

"Who pays? The people of the Republic of the Philippines. Where do I get it? Intelligence fund. Two million? marami akong two million," he concluded.

Source: Politics