Grieving father laments over alleged drug addict supporters

Siliman University Professor and grieving father, Niño Piñero lamented over his sentiments with regards to the killings of his pregnant daughter and its companion.

In a news reported by SunStar Cebu, that Nikki, 21 years old, daughter of Piñero l and her companion Loreen Ramirez, 17 years old were slain by allegedly named Michael Añabesa Manayon.

Using his Facebook account, Piñero slammed the alleged drug supporters for protesting and investigating the death of alleged drug addicts instead of their victims.

The professor also slammed the Catholic church for ringing their bells that signifies to save the drug addicts.

"Rally sa mga LP; Roman Catholic Bell Ringing every afternoon sa mga drug addict to be save; CHR investigating for the loss of drug addicts; and wow sa mga Phil senators may investigation for the drug addicts but to the victims no more," enumerated by Niño pointing out how people support the drug addicts.

Piñero curse the supporters saying it is evident who are the true drug lords are saying "Death to the supporters".

Below is Pinero's full Facebook post:

Source: Facebook