Journalists's solution to the LTFRB, Taxi Problems amazes Sen. Grace Poe

A journalist and TV host at the same time gave a suggestion during Senate Committee Hearing to addressed ride-hailing services issues has gone popular on social media.

Composite Images from Inquirer and Youtube

James Deakin,during the Senate Committee on Public Services, emphasized that the UBER and GRAB or car sharing is the answer to de-clogged roads.

The foreign journalist stressed people resort to buy private cars because one of the limitations of Taxi is that it doesn't offer car pooling for passengers.

"How UBER and GRAB affect private cars, I think that's the goal here, every mega city in the world would tell that. As a car enthusiast, private cars are the source of road congestion. In the Philippines, we tried a lot of things, coding, excise tax. All these things became resistant to the general public simply because they do not have an alternative, that's it," said James.

The TV host also added the LTFRB and the legislative body needs a regulation and regulation which deals about the idea of car sharing so that it will prevent people from buying cars.

"I believe the best  proposal here, like what has been mentioned before, clearly defining the ride-sharing, is a very good point. I believe that should clearly define the difference of taxis. You also need a regulation and legislation accordingly," he added.

The committee chairman, Senator Grace Poe lauded Deakin for his wonderful explanation and suggestion.

"Mr. Deakin, LTFRB, I think you've found yourselves a good mediator between the different Public Utility Vehicles. Thank you for your wow, wonderful insights on this," said Poe.

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