Karma hits hard: CJ Corona doctrine might impeach Bautista and Robredo, BBM seats in the end

Political analyst and columnist, Anotnio Contreras on remembering former Justice chief Renato Corona said he died a broken man due to the directive of a vengeful President whose family's largesse was diminished by the court which was led by the ex-chief.

The Political Science professor claimed the impeachment of Corona is a political process however influenced by ex-President Noynoy Aquino due to his family interest in Hacienda LUisita.

"Corona died a broken man because a Congress dominated by the Liberal Party (LP) did the bidding of former President Aquino to punish Corona for presiding over a Court that ruled against his family’s interests in Hacienda Luisita. He was impeached by a Congress that acted at the behest of selfish and partisan political interests, and not to render justice as the people’s representatives," said Contreras.

On the other hand, the columnist said the death of Corona is a karmic justice for the lLiberal Party which may give favor to losing Vice President Bet, Bongbong Marcos after Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chair is now facing issues of ill-gotten wealth.

"However, the certainty of abuse of power in the hands of the selfish, greedy and corruptible can only be matched by another certainty in life: karma. There is a pending impeachment complaint filed against sitting Vice President Leni Robredo who is now the LP chair. While there are several grounds invoked, the most damning, and in my opinion the strongest, is her failure to correctly declare as an asset the value of her Meralco shares of stocks."

"And now we have Andres Bautista, the chairman of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), who is being accused of having deposits in a thrift bank which he did not declare in his SALN Using the Corona precedent, Andres Bautista must and should be impeached. And again, Drilon provided the nail that can seal Bautista’s doom," he  added.

Contreras said Bautista is not an LP member however he bears the credibility of the 2016 elections.

"The prospect for karmic justice is indeed so fascinating. Renato Corona suffered injustice when he was convicted on a mere misdeclared SALN. This has become a weapon to impeach Leni Robredo and Bautista, and may just end up favoring Bongbong Marcos in his quest to unseat Leni Robredo," he concluded.

Source: Manila Times