Late Sen. Defensor-Santiago's sister, slams Parojinog's lawyer for presenting a useless evidence

The younger sister of late Senator and iron woman Miriam Defensor-Santiago slammed the  lawyer of the Parojinogs for presenting a video to prove the abuse committed by the police during the bloody raid in Ozamiz City.

Image from Knack's Facebook Profile

In a news article published by GMA News, it was mentioned that this has been the claim of their lawyer. The teenage daughter of Ozamiz Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog-Echaves video showed she was seen asking her companions which included an infant to listen to her mother as commotion was heard outside their room.

Paula Defensor-Knack on her Facebook profile shared the said video aired by GMA news saying the video doesn't present an evidence that proves their claim.

"Where is the threat in the video ? That is not clear. We only see the room where a woman is saying something. What is happening outside is subject to speculation.....If you speak inside a room and say you are being threatened, but we cant see who is making the threat or what threat is being made .... is that evidence ?!" as read in Knack's post.

The political analyst also said if it is a run bout, then how come people heard an exchange of gunshots.

As tot his writing, Knack's post has reached 1200 reactions from netizens.