LOOK: Lacson's Instagram post allegedly shows he received huge shipment of cement last 2016

Former journalist and social media blogger, RJ Nieto also known as Thinking Pinoy, published screen captured images of Instagram posts of Senator Ping Lacson's son that allegedly proves the claims of Bureau of Customs (BOC) Chief Nicanor Faeldon who resigned recently.

In response to the privilege speech of Lacson stating the BOC chief and other Custom officials of corruption, Faeldon answers back the senator that his son, Pampi Lacson Jr., is a smuggler.

The issue became a bigger fuzz after Nieto posted on his Facebook page screen captured images from Pampi's Instagram account.

"July 12, 2016 davao unloading bellablancaph Sir Can I have your contact number or office number regarding buffalo cement. thank you," said in the caption of Pampi.

Meanwhile, the other photo of a warehouse was also uploaded with a caption, "mega warehouse for a mega shipment."

Nieto said in his caption that Ping's son revealed himself that he could be tagged in a smuggling case.

"Anak ni Ping, nilaglag ang sarili? Pampi Lacosn's instagram posts suggest he indeed received a massive shipment of cement in 2016, consistent with Customs Commissioner Nick Faeldon's claims," as read in the caption of TP.

Nieto also reiterated what Faeldon said in his statement that Pampi only declared P20,000 as the capital for the cement.

"Faeldon said Pampi brought in cement into the country despite having only P20,000 in declared capital, which would have made such the P4.6 billion cement shipment impossible. Faeldon claims Pampi underdeclared his company's capitalization to evade taxes. Pampi's father is Senator Ping Lacson," he added.

In contrary to Faeldon's clai,  Sen. Lacson defended his son that he never bribed custom officials.

Below is Nieto's full Facebook post:

Source: Facebook