LOOK: Photo of alleged Tish' payments to her husband Andy Bautista with signature went viral

Social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu uploaded a photo in her Facebook account which is an alleged payments of Commission on Elections Chairman Andres Bautista's wife, Patricia Paz to him with his signature.

"Payments that Tisha makes to Andy Bautista, with his signature.What kind of husband charges interest on loans to his wife? For a credit card she uses to run the household and pay for their kids' tuition even when he has a job and she has no "real" one (she works for her mom)," said Chu in her caption.

The point of Chu's post according to her is to expose Andy's greed and corruption who has been a protector of the Liberal party.

"This is a crazy world. Ladies, go hug your boyfriends or husbands in gratitude that they are not Andy Bautista. The point of the post is: Let's expose Andy's greed and corruption and wrongdoings and his lies, and let's remove one more powerful person that is allied with LP and protects them," she added.

Krizette on the other hand is wishing for a cleaner next election if Andy will no longer be around.

"Next election, without him around, we will with hope have a cleaner election that reflects the true will of the people. And we will have no more Josephine Satos to remove the Judy Taguiwalos of this world."

As to this wriring, the said post has generated 3800 reactions.

Below is Krizette Laureta Chu' full Facebook post:

Source: Facebook