Rappler columnists says ousting Duterte is not enough to defend themselves

Rappler columnist hit President Rodrigo Duterte in his recent opinion pointing out that ousting him is not enough to defend the lives of the people from alleged extra judicial killings.

Herbert Docena, said for over a year now, people are appealing to stop Duterte from his war on illegal drugs because they believe it is not the appropriate solution to the main problem.

"We have signed so many petitions. We have issued so many statements. We have marched on the streets. We have called on the other branches of government to intervene and fulfill their duty of checking and balancing the executive.  Not content with simply criticizing, we have pushed for a more effective alternative solution," said Docena in his article.

Docena added people tried to make him support the fight for real democracy which was promised by the past presidents but not able to fulfill it but he is doing the other way around.

"We have tried to bring him to join us build a new kind of society: a society that does not push the desperate to survive by engaging in the drug trade; a society that does not drive the alienated to seek momentary escape through opiates and narcotics. In short, while we certainly can and should do more, it cannot be said that we have not tried to make the President listen," the writer claimed.

The columnist remarked that even if he will resign, it will not be enough to save us from the deep social, economic, and cultural morass from which Duterte emerged and successfully wrested power.

"But one thing is certain: it will be difficult if not impossible to bring this system into being for as long as Duterte is in power – or for as long as fascism gains ground and obliterates all spaces for dissent," Docena stressed.

At the end of his column, the writer also said that there is a danger in becoming silent.

"What we need to do, they are likely to argue, is to further “expose” Duterte and wait until he is already fully “exposed” before calling for ouster. What we need to do is to first “exhaust” all available options to seek relief from the killings and from creeping authoritarianism. To call for regime and systemic change now would only help the elite opposition and/or the coup plotters gain power, they will likely hold. Their fears are certainly grounded, but their assumptions and conclusions need to be further interrogated," Docena suggested.

Source: Rappler