READ: Comparison between Aquino vs. Duterte admin's achievement on drug war

Social media blogger and columnist Sass Rogando Sasot made a comparison between the five years of former President Benigno 'PNoy' Aquino III and one year of President Rodrigo Duterte in his war on illegal drugs.

Using social media platform, Facebook, Sasot gave an itemize list of specific comparisons of the two administrations.

The drug operations within the five years of Aquino as president has only 75, 608 while during Duterte's administration, there were 68, 214.

"90% of drug operations conducted under FIVE YEARS of the administration of the haciendero of Tarlac were accomplished by the hillbilly of Davao in just his first year," Sass said.

On the second aspect, the columnist discussed the number of shabu seized in which she cited  there are 2,445 kilograms already since July 1, 2016, the first days of Duterte as president up to date while PNoy's admin had seized 2093.9 kilograms from 2011 to 2015.

"What the haciendero seized in 5 years, the hillbilly seized in just 1 year," she added.

"Under the haciendero of Tarlac, Odicta's - the drug lords of Iloilo were alive, operating their shabu business undisturbed. Kerwin Espinosa freely does his business. No one cares about Peter Lim. The Parojinogs were alive and kicking, narco-mayors aren't apprehended. Herbert Colanggo, drug lord operating Bilibid, was able to record an album, hold a concert, and win an award. Under the first year of the hillbilly of Davao, Odicta's are dead. Kerwin in jail. Peter Lim is being arraigned and fears for his life. At least the following narco-mayors are dead: Dimaukom, Espinosa, and Parojinog," Sass mentioned about how the 'big fish' in illegal drug operations were treated differently during the terms of said leaders.

Sasot at the end of her post also mentioned taht during PNoy's term, data on the number of wounded and ded police is non existing.

"# of police dead and wounded in drug operations under the haciendero? No data. Under the hillbilly, 68 killed and 184 wounded. So as per Pangilinan's standard, anong mas kapanipaniwalang neutralization efforts of drug syndicates?" said Sasot.

As to this writing, Sass' post has already generated 9200 reactions and shared by 2046 netizens.

Read her full Facebook post below:

Source: Facebook