READ: Open letter from a citizen testifying Parojinogs are drug lords, hits mainstream media

An open letter sent to political analyst and avid supporter of Duterte administration, Sass Rogando Sasot testifying the Parojinogs of Ozamiz City are legit drug lords went viral in social media platform Facebook.

Sasot in her official Facebook page uploaded a screen captured image of an email sent by the anonymous concerned citizen sharing her experience as a resident of Ozamiz City.

“Please hide my identity for the safety of my family. Hi Ms. Sass, I'm a citizen in Ozamiz City the hometown of the late Mayor Parojinog. Since I was little i knew that they are drug lords. SHABU in our city can be bought like a candy and Lawis is the center of drugs in our city it is also where Parojinogs live. Coincidence? I think not,” as read in the image.

The anonymous sender also hit the mainstream media for playing information that the Parojinogs are the real victim in this issue without thinking of the destroyed lives of Ozamiz people.

“And now the media would always show that the Parojinogs are the victim, how bout the people that are killed because of their personal interest? For example they killed former Roland Romero last year in broad daylight because they knew that Roland Romero was the only one who has the guts to face them. Now if the biased media will interview people outside Lawis they will say the truth about how evil the Parojinogs are. Well i think the reason why the people in Lawis will protect them because they often receive blessings from the Mayor,” the sender added.

At the end of her open letter, she questioned the capacity of Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog-Echaves to afford luxury when in fact she’s just a vice mayor.

“The Robinhood in Ozamiz? Maybe? But it is still against the law to steal. And how can a VM afford many Hermes bags? Hmmm...and how can a VM afford to buy authentic basketball shoes for the whole class of his only son? And how can a VM afford to pay 5M for the sweet 16th of her daughter? Tax payers money? Well all are invited though. But still, think about it? How much does a VM earn in 1yr including 13mos pay. Think about it.Rappler ano na?”

As of this writing, Sass’ post has already generated 7300 mixed reactions from netizens.


Source: Facebook