READ to find out: Duterte doesn't need anybody for favors except one

President Rodrigo Duterte claims that since he assumed his term as the President of the country, he has made it a point to never ask for anybody's help for favors except for an individual.

Image from Reuters

In his speech during the Bureau of Internal Revenue anniversary celebration on August 2, Duterte shared his principle in entertaining people.

"I am very careful. Ayaw ko talagang ma-ano. I do not entertain yung makiusap, ganon. I do not even know the number of these guys," Duterte mentioned.

However Duterte alsos hared this pronciple of him has also exemption. He admitted his Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo is his adviser with regards to his daily wardrobe especially during special occasions or how to mix patterns and colors.

"Tumawag ako kay Panelo but I was asking for a fashion kung ano ang isuot ko becasue he's the fashion guru," said Duterte labeling Panelo as his self-styled sartorial icon.

According to the President, he has been obeying Panelo's judgments with regardsto his fashion.

"I am dead serious. If I am not careful myself, babagsak rin ako. Babagsak rin ako. Makikita ng mga military pati pulis na ganon tapos sila, ganon pa rinang hirap sa buhay magrerebelde yan," emphasized Duterte on his awareness of reports that he asked favors from public or private personalities.

Source: Politics