READ why PNoy claims no EJKs happened under Duterte admin

Former President Noynoy Aquino III claimed there have been no extrajudicial killings (EJKs) under the Duterte administration however its murder and homicide, rather.

“If you say there is extrajudicial killing, then it means there is judicial killing. But I remember, we do not have the death penalty, so there is no judicial killing,” Aquino said.

PNoy concluded then that only murder and homicide is taking place.

The ex president on the other hand said that there is no evidence yet to determine if there were killings which were state-sponsored but the state has an obligation to protect all its citizens and go after all those who have committed infractions against society.

“May pinatay. May pumatay. Hanapin yung pumatay at bigyan ng kaukulang parusa,” Aquino added.

In his speech during the memorial of his father's death, Benigno Aquino Sr., emphasized htat one death is one too many.

"I’ve always said that however which way one looks at it, in the Constitution and in the church that I belong to, one death is one too many."

Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes claimed that based on Philippine National Police (PNP) data, more than 3000 suspected drug personalities have been killed since last year; more than 2000 in drug-related homicide or murder; and more than 5000 deaths classied as under investigation which includes those killings by the riding in tandem assailants.

PNoy was shocked over the death of Kian Loyd Delos Santos, 17 years old during a public outrage last August 16 whose death was classified a collateral damage together with other children tagged in the illegal drug operation.

Aquino supported an investigation into the death of Delos Santos but hoped this would not “drag for too long,” fearing the delay would result in the muddling of the case. Aquino said he also had several questions in mind about the boy’s killing.

“As they say, no one can be onion-skinned. Of course, I wasn’t happy about it. But perhaps, he might see some logic in what I said, so it would be worth it,” Aquino said, referring to Duterte unleashing invectives against him.

Source: Inquirer