READ WHY: Tarlac leaders promise to stop electing Aquinos

Mayor Benjamin Tesoro of Tarlac said the political leaders in their province would block any member of the Aquino clan who would seek any elective post in the 2019 elections during the 34th anniversary of the death of late Sen. Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino Jr.

“Never again to [an] Aquino in public service,” Tesoro said in his speech, August 21.

According to him, it was a decision made during a meeting of the Nationalist People's Coalition in Paniqui town, Tarlac last Saturday as a reaction to reports telling Kris Aquino, Ninoy's youngest daughter would run for Tarlac governor together with a nephew, Sen. Paolo Benigno 'Bam' Aquino for president.

“Everyone who attended that meeting did not like [the Aquinos] anymore because after many years that they have been in power, nothing [beneficial] happened to Tarlac,” emphasized by Tesoro.

Tesoro added only the town of Concepcion gained improvements and benefited from Noynoy's administration.

Concepcion is the birth place of late Ninoy and was more appreciative of the Aquinos during the commemoration of his death.

“Yellow still means we are brave, it means we are watching,” said Emilio Martin Enciso, 16, grandson of the late Sen. Agapito “Butz” Aquino who was guest speaker there.

Meanwhile, Tesoro has also expressed his disappointment that Noynoy did not attend the town's commemorative program for his father and it was the second time that the town has invited him.

“Ninoy was different. His passion to serve Tarlac, the country and the Filipino people was different. And I am personal witness to that. He had a comfortable life but he chose to sacrifice for the people,” he said.

Source: Inquirer