VIRAL NOW: Blogger shares an interesting review on who should have the credit for free tuition law

After Senator Bam Aquino thanked President Rodrigo Duterte for signing the Universal Access to Tertiary Education Act into law, netizens made a fuss over the said matter on who should really bear the credit for this good news.

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Social Media Blogger and Duterte administration supporter, RJ Nieto also known as Thinking Pinoy gave an interesting review if people should thanked the senator.

"Bam Aquino had the balls to file the Free Tuition Bill only because he knows he won't encounter opposition from his LP cohorts. Filing this in the previous congress would've just incurred the Aquino Era Malacanang's wrath, a Malacanang that was so busy with maximizing savings to feed its DAP machine, the same DAP machine that the Pnoy regime used to bribe rival politicians to submission," said Nieto in his facebook post published on August 4.

In his Facebook post, Nieto said Bam is a Ninoy Cosplayer who had the guts to file the bill in the present congress because it won't be PNoy who'll worry about where to get the money to finance it.

"Let me give you a quick rundown of how the bill was made into law:1. Who authored the Free Tuition Bill? Bam, I'll give him that; 2. Who dictates what gets prioritized in the Senate/Lower House Calendars? Duterte's allies; 3. Who provided the necessary numbers to pass the bill in the Senate? Duterte's allies; 4. Who provided the necessary numbers to pass the bill in the Lower House? Duterte's allies; 5. Who allowed the bill to get past plenary? Duterte's allies; 6. Who decided against vetoing the bill? Duterte." enumerated by Nieto.

Thinking Pinoy jokingly said Bam might have been the father of the bill but it was Duterte who made it come true.

"Oo, si Bam ang ama (o ina) ng bata, pero si Duterte ang nagpalaki, nagpakain, nagpatapos. My point? Fine, I'll give Bam credit for authoring the bill, but for its actual passage, I won't give him more credit than he deserves. OH, AND DID I SAY THAT IT WAS PGMA, WHILE SHE WAS STILL A LEGISLATOR, WHO FILED A FREE TUITION BILL FIRST?Ang tawag diyan, Inday Bam, ay bandwagoning," said Nieto.

He compared Aquino's mindset tofa fan of NBA playoffs. "Yung tipong alam mo nang llamado ang Golden State Warriors dahil sa pagpasok ni Kevin Durant, tapos kunwari, biglang DubNation ka na. Wag ganun, Bam. Wag ganun," he concluded.

As of this writing, TP's post has generated 8500 mixed reactions from netizens.