VIRAL NOW: Troll against Duterte admits he used him to fight the Parojinogs

A post of a netizen who admitted he was a troll to pester President Rodrigo Duterte went viral on social media platform Facebook, after he revealed himself in the said Post, August 2.

Image from Bulawin's profile

Cyril Sarge Bulawin, published his admission that he was responsible for disseminating a photo of President Rodrigo Duterte and Mayor Aldong Parojinog to manipulate a lie that the two leaders are friends and used against Duterte to plot failure on his will to curb illegal drugs.

"My agenda is to challenge him, pressure him and ridicule him that he is no match to the Parojinogs. Since Duterte became president, I've been ranting against his policies and promises on the war on drugs especially in stopping the drug lords of Ozamiz," said Bulawin in his post.

Bulawin explained he wasn't a full blooded anti-Duterte but he only used Duterte to attack the Parojinogs on socialmedia. According to the netize, the family killed his father in law last 2013.

"They have threatened and vilified my relatives in the city because of my nuances in their drug business. Some of my relatives has to move to another city to avoid being terrorized by motorcycle riding goons of the Parojinogs. I was alone on that battle during that time," he added.

Cyril said he kept his truel identity open so that people will realize that thereis still one bravesoul left to contest and fight the Parojinogs of Ozamiz City.

"I knew it's suicidal as I fought hard and spent hours just using my iPhone while working or driving to deliver my message. In fact, some of the photo collages of the Parojinogs like Novas Hermes bags were mine. I'm a pragmatist and if everybody is for him, Duterte will think that everything is just fine. His complacency would not have brought us the justice that we deserved for Ozamiz City lately. That's one reason I kept attacking Duterte on his war on drugs because as the death toll rose higher in number, I haven't seen one drug lord in Ozamiz City fell to the grasp of justice," he added.

On the other hand, Cyril said he admires Duterte for realizing the Ozamiznons dream to be free again from the reals of evil.

"My hats off to you Pres. Duterte for finally realizing the Ozamiznons dream to be free again from the realms of evil. To Gen. Ronald " Bato " Dela Rosa, thank you for listening and supporting the Ozamiznons. To PCI Jovie Espenido and his team, you did one hell of a job and congratulations sir. I salute your bravery and passion for change. You are the answer to our prayers and you will continue to be in our prayers that God will continue to use you that His glory will keep shining," he mentioned.

The self-admitted troll also said they spent 20 years of praying for this freedom to happen.


Source: Facebook