VIRAL NOW: Truth about Kian's slay reveals by Caloocan City Prosecutor

Caloocan City Prosecutor Darwin Cañete according to his colleague Atty. Bruce Rivera was taken down by authority due to the alleged truth he revealed regarding the death of a teenager who is allegedly tagged in shabu operations.

In his Facebook account, Rivera told netizens that Darwin is one of the few who have spoken out against Kian's participation in the drug trade even when people are all cynical.

"He was insistent because he was present during the SOCO investigation and saw all the evidence which included the actual condition of the body, the packs of shabu and how it was embeded on Kian's body because it left a mark ti signify that he had it place there for a time and not planted as it was alleged reports," as read in Rivera's post.

"Now if it is indeed true that there was police brutality, why would forces close his Facebook account. It is disturbing that people who claim to be victims of human rights are the same ones silently trying to silence us, one by one," Bruce concluded.

On the other hand, Paula Defensor-Knack also post a photo of another Facebook post reposting the content of Cañete's revelation before it was taken down.

"Kian was in possession of the shabu sachets long before the police got him. This is based on the SOCO pictures of the body where the sachets clearly left an impression on the side of the body just under the garter of his printed boxers, if the shabu was planted, it will not leave those marks, on the skin," said in the post of Cañete.

The post also said that Kian was not tortured nor hurt and his family insisted not to take the autopsy.

"They have Kian's phone which contains text messages between Kian, his supplier and their clients. This will be presented if required to those who wish to hold an inquiry," Cañete also mentioned.

Below is SOCO picture of Kian show by Atty. Cañete beofre his Facebook was taken down.

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