WATCH: How the Parojinogs involved in illegal drugs

The death of Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo 'Aldong' Parajinog in a raid happened in their home is creating a big fuss to the nation.

Image from ABS-CBN

A video uploaded by ABS-CBN Network showing the background of the political family Parojinog went viral on social media platform, Facebook.

In the said video, it was year 1980s when they became popular in Ozamiz City when his father, Octavio 'Ongkoy' Parojinog Sr., was elected as the local chief executive.

The older Parojiog was also the leader of the vigilant group, Kuratong Baleleng which was created to fight against the communist rebels in Zamboanga Peninsula in 1980. Later on destablished in 1988.

He had three sons in the person of Reynadlo, Renato and Ricardo Parojinog who were allegedly engaged in illegal doings like robbery, smuggling, and extortion.

Mayor Parojinog was then tagged in robbery cases in Metro Manila but cases were dismised since ha had a government position.

Aldong ruled as a mayor in Ozamiz City for 13 years and some of his kins and relatives were able to secure government positions.

Last 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte named the Parojinogs of Ozamiz City as a part of his narco list.

One of them is Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog-Echaves who is the wife of Herbet Colangco. Colangco is a convicted drug lord imprisoned in Bilibid.

Aside from Aldong, his wife Susan and brother Octavio Jr. died during the raid conducted in their residence.

Vice Mayor Echavez together with Reynaldo Jr., are now under police surveillance.

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Source: YoutubeABS-CBN