WATCH: North Korean girl yearns for help for their freedom

A video of a North Korean girl asking for global movement to put pressure on China for repartriation went viral after her appearance in a TV show aired in one young world.

The 23 year old girl wearing Korean national costume shared the human crisis they are experiencing for 70 decades now under the Kim dictators.

"I have to do this because this is not just me speaking, these are the people who want to tell the world what they want to say. NK is an unimaginable country. There is only one TV channel. There is no internet. We aren't free to sing, say, wear, or think what we want. NK is the only country in the world that executed people for making unauthorized international phone calls. NK is being terrorized today.  When I was growing up in NK, I never aw a love story between a man and a woman. No books, no songs, no press, no movies about love stories. There is no romeo and juliet. Every story was a propaganda to brainwash us about the Kim Dictators," said the girl in her speech.

Bursting into tears, the girl also said she had witnessed her friend's mother executed in the public because of watching Hollywood movie.

From here, she exclaimed they want to live as humans in North Korea.

"We wanted to live as humans. Here are many ways how to help. Educate yourself so you can raise awareness about the human crisis in NK. Help and support NK refugees who are trying to escape to freedom. Petition china to stop repartriation. We have to shed light on the darkest place in the world," said the girl.

The girl concluded she thought no one cares about them but hopeful that thheir wish will finally come true after the world heard their story.

As to this writing, the said video has reached 430,000 different reactions from netizens.

Watch The Video:

Source: One Young World