DSWD Asec comments on Cocoy Gate expose: Asan ang tapang at dangal

Department of Social Welfare and Development Assistant Secretary and know avid supporter of Duterte administration, Lorraine Badoy lambasted the former web security consultant of Aquino administration for being the alleged mastermind behind the countless Anti-Duterte websites and blogs.

Using her social media account on Facebook, Badoy  emphasized that Cocoy Dayao is nothing but a coward.

“So now that the coward has been unmasked, instead of his usual tago nang tago, ang game plan naman nya, DENY NANG DENY,” as read in Badoy’s post.

The DSWD Asec also asked Cocoy’s about his courage and dignity pointing out her allegation against him.

“Cocoy, wala ba sa mga plano mo sa buhay ang magkaron ng tapang at dangal? Mukha kang betlog pero wala kang betlog,” Badoy added.

In a separate post, Badoy also slammed the mainstream media for spreading fake news and said she will help them to do their jobs right.

“ETO NA ANG TUTOONG NEWS O---PCOO Web Security Consultant of the Aquino Administration Cocoy 'Betlog' Dayao, is behind the countless Anti-Duterte websites and blogs. A true Purveyor of Fake news. Will this earthshaking expose' see front page --as it would in unbiased newspapers?” as read in her post.

Lorraine slammed columnist Randy David who says that fake news is everywhere.

“Will this merit a pastoral letter from the CBCP? Will this cause the haters to reconsider that they've been played and that their hate, in fact, stems from the lies peddled by a scum sucking bottom feeder with an agenda-- Cocoy Dayao? And that this agenda is the destruction of our country? I can dream, can't I?” she added.

The hashtag #CocoyGate has become a trending topic in the internet for a few days now.

Below is Badoy's full Facebook post:

Source: Lorraine Badoy | Facebook