International analyst hits Paredes who asked her, 'Dati pro-Leni ka, bakit ka bumaliktad?'

Political analyst Sass Sasot became a trending topic in the internet after she slammed veteran singer and activist Jim Paredes after he questioned her on changing her political views.

Suspected as a former Leni Robredo supporter, Paredes in his Facebook comment Sasot "Sino ka ba talaga Sasot? Dati Pro Leni ka. Bakit ka bumaliktad."

Sass on the other hand screen captured the image and uploaded it in her page asking Paredes why is he concern about her views.

"Dear Jim Parades: So tinatanong mo raw kung sino ba talaga ako?  So bakit naman concern ka na di ko na support si Robredo? Why should I keep supporting her in the face of her incompetence and that she most probably cheated in the elections? I mean tell me Jim: What is so brilliant about Robredo? But I believe she would be stellar in NGO work. However, in matters of statecraft, oh please lord NO! Diosko, anong petsa na, iyan pa rin ang issue ninyo sa akin?" as read in her post published September 30.

In a separate post, Sasot re-shared her post in which she answered a query of a faculty member of UP Manila asking about Robredo. "Dear Jim Paredes, this is for your reference," as read in the caption.

In the said post, she emphasized that Leni was changed because of power.

"Power has changed Leni. Just in case you don't know, there were OFWs who had issues with housing developer ProFriends who approached me last year and told me that Leni was unresponsive. In fact, it was the Office of the President that helped them. Eh putangina mo pala Mr UP Faculty Member, ganyang leader ang gusto mong suportahan ko?! Tarantado ka ba?" she said.

At the end of the post she re-shared, Sasot stressed that her loyalty belongs to the country and for that, Leni si bad for the motherland because she's stupid.

"My loyalty is to the country. Leni is bad for this country because she's is stupid, shallow, and most of all a PUPPET who can't make her own decisions. Idadagdag ko pa ba ang questionable na election results? So yes: IMPEACH LENI ROBREDO!"

As to this writing, Sass post has generated 14000 different reactions, and shared by 600 netizens.

Source: Sass Sasot Facebook 1 , Facebook 2