DDS blogger challenges Trillanes: Sue me, goddamn idi*t

The column published under Pilipino Star Ngayon by editor-in-chief Al Pedroche about the supposed remark wherein US President Donald Trump allegedly called opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes as the little narco who met with Marco went viral online. This has been also reported by social media blogger RJ Nieto.

"Trump calls Trillanes a Drug Lord. US President Donald J. Trump reportedly called Senator Antonio Sonny Trillanes IV a NARCO, colloquial for a drug baron or drug lord. Does Trump's government know something?" said Nieto in a post in his page Thinking Pinoy.

According to Philstar, Pedroche issued an apology and retracted his statement about Trump that he has not made any official remark with regards  to the visit of Trillanes which happened last month.

The report added Trillanes has accepted the columnist's apology however, he is waiting for Nieto's apology for using the same alleged fake news.

Nieto on the other hand on his Facebook page said he refused to apologize to Trillanes and even challenged to sue him instead.

"Dear Senator Trillanes, The Philippine Star reported that you will file a case against me if I refuse to apologize to you for citing a Philstar article. Let me inform you right now that I refuse to apologize so please do file a case," said Nieto in his post.

He also questionned Trillanes with regards to the funding of the case.

"And by the way, how will you fund the case, using public funds? You really are one goddamn idiot," he added.

As to this writing, Nieto's post has already generated 31000 different reactions.

Below is Nieto's full Facebook post: