Int'l. Political Analyst slams Roque for defending Rappler: Kapag sila ang nababato you will stand up for them?

The recent remarks of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque for defending 'legitimate journalists' has drawn different reactions from some of President Rodrigo Duterte's supporters on social media.

In his Facebook post published November 3, Roque emphasized to leave Pia Rañada alone.

"To my DDS friends: Please leave Pia Rañada  alone. Let us please throw anything at legitimate journalists. Let's give them, particularly the critical ones, hot pandesal instead," said Roque in his post.

The said statement was made after RJ Nieto also know as Thinking Pinoyallegedly incited violence against the Rappler Reporter. According to report, during an interview at Karambola sa DWIZ, Nieto urged Roque to throw a hollow block at Ranada.

On the other hand, political analyst Sass Rogando Sasot questioned Roque's statement to leave Ranada alone and stop throwing anything at legitimate journalists.

"In June 2017, Maria Ressa, CEO of Rappler, presented this in Austria. She called TP, Mocha, and I as part of a "fake news network." Did Malacañang spox person at that time do anything to tell Mainstream Media to stop "throwing anything" at us? NOPE. The spox then was NEUTRAL.," pointing out the attitude of former Spokesperson.

Sass added that Roque seems like them to be silent because he is friends with Rappler people.

"Now, the Spox. Roque is telling us to stop throwing anyting at a Rappler journalist! REALLY? You want us Spox Roque to stand silent as your friends at Rappler do this to us? Iyan ang kinakasama ng loob ko. Pag kami ang binababoy ng mainstream media, tahimik kayo. Pero kapag sila ang na-babato you will stand up for them? Ano yan" she added.

As to this writing, Sass' post has already generated 6400 different reactions.

In a Facebook post, Sasot said:

Source: Facebook