Roxas' viral video draws mixed emotions from netizens: The thing that made him not President

Former Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas' viral video posted on his Facebook page which depicts his playful side draws mixed emotions to netizens.

In the said video, Roxas said in a caption "Travelling light for the weekend, Filipino Style. Hahahah!"

Netizen and DDS blogger Krizette Chu thanked the former chief for the very kind words of commemoration and sympathy to mark  the 4th anniversary of the Yolanda tragedy.

"Mar Roxas posted this yesterday, on the eve of Yolanda, the thing that made him NOT PRESIDENT. Ang cute mo, Mar. Super pabebe ka. Thank you pala for the very kind words of commemoration and sympathy for the fourth anniversary of Yolanda," said Chu in her caption in the shared video of Roxas.

The writer also exclaimed that people were expecting a message of heroism from a self-proclaimed 'HERO' of Yolanda.

"Ay, wala pala. Sayang, we were expecting some sort of message from the "HERO" (can I please have a copy of that komiks) of Yolanda. King iners mo Mar. Enjoy your vacation," she added.

On November 8, the Yolanda tragedy marked its 4th anniversary however the government's commitment to rebuild communities is not yet finished.

Watch the video below!

Source: Facebook