BPI warns people over fake online banking page

Bank of the Philippine Islands warned clients with regards the fake log-in site for its online banking service, as it reminded them to be vigilant against fraud.

The fake site has the same interface with the BPI Express Online log-in page but uses a different address, http://www.bpiexpressonlineph.com. The correct address is https://www.bpiexpressonline.com. It has since been taken down, BPI said.

BPI executive vice president and head of Enterprise Services Ramon Jocson exclaimed minimizing fraud is a shared responsibility of the bank and its clients.

"Everyone involved in the security of an account or personal information should be perceptively wary and vigilant. A lapse in caution compromises all involved," Jocson said.

The bank also gave tips on how to determine if the site is fake.

First, users should check the e-mail address as well as its domain name. “Hover your mouse pointer over the link and copy of the URL. The hyperlinked URL will be shown in the status bar at the bottom of your email. If it does not match the URL you intend to visit, it is most likely a fake website,” the BPI advisory said.

Next is to check the site security. According to BPI, a secure website begins with 'https:' and has a look icon in the page which means it uses an SSL protocol.

Lastly, BPI reminded clients to be wary of embedded forms. The bank never asks for personal information using embedded email links, they reported.

The lender also advised clients on keeping their accounts safe, including changing PINs regularly, using anti-virus software, clearing cached memory after logging out of banking sites and avoiding shared computers when transacting online.

Source: ABS-CBN News