Constitutional expert says Duterte is using economy to replace social justice ideals in new Charter

One of the framers of the 1987 constitution questioned the need to change the charter and push for federalism supposedly to spur development outside the country's capital.

Atty. Christian Monsod said the President Rodrigo Duterte was determined to change the 1987 constitution after striking a deal with big business.

In an interview with DZMM's Ted Failon, Monsod who is one of the framers, claimed Duterte has agreed to sacrifice the 1987 constitution, in favor of pro-big business principles like foreign investments in the country.

"“I think the government has made a deal with the business community that the central theme of the Constitution will be economic growth,” he added.

The framer also said the social justice and human rights provisions, as stipulated in Article 13 of the Constitution, would be watered down as a part of "ordinary legislation" subject to the whims of politicians.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview with, he said that the present constitution provides solution for the problems like poverty, inequality, human development, and feudalism.

He also stressed that it was the COngress' fault why some of the provisions in the 1987 Constitution were not implemented. He pointed out the anti-political dynasty law.