Mocha Uson hits Rappler founder: Maria Ressa na feeling entitled

PCOO Assistant Secretary for Social Media Mocha Uson explained the reason why people hate Rappler more compared to ABS-CBN and Philippine Daily Inquirer using her Facebook page, January 20.

Using her page with millions of followers, Uson said that people mock the online media source because of Maria Ressa who feels entitled for everything.

"Akala niya talaga the world owes her so much. May pa take back the internet pa siya. Akala mo naman sa kanya ang social media," said the blogger.

The avid Duterte follower also added that Ressa is acting as if she's above the law for not conforming with the law of journalism.

"Ngayon hindi daw siya susunod hanggang hindi susunod ang gobyerno sa Rule of Law as if above the law siya," Mocha also said.

The blogger slammed Ressa saying that she might have been a spoiled brat when she was younger. She further advised the journalist to be ashamed of herself and act true.

"Puro its all about you. Tanungin nga kita nakakatulong ka na ba sa bayan natin? O mas magandang tanung ano ba talaga ang bayan mo," she concluded.

As to this writing, Mocha's post has already generated 14,500 mixed reactions from netizens.

Below is Mocha Uson's full Facebook post:

Source: Facebook | Mocha Uson