Political analyst argues writer's conclusion about PNoy admin: Wrong data

Political analyst and social media blogger, Sass Rogando Sasot slammed the latest book published by Richard Heydarian about the exit of former President Benigno "PNoy" Aquino III.

In her social media account on Facebook published on January 8, Sasot mentioned that Heydarian mentioned on the 25th page of the said book that Aquino stepped down from office with a very good net trust rating.

 "Aquino stepped down from office with a “very good” net trust rating (50%)—higher than any of his predecessors at a comparable period in their administration...Astonishingly, he stepped out of office almost as popular as he stepped in -- a remarkable achievement for any popularly elected leaders," Sass quoted.

The political analyst added that the author concluded that the net trust rating is for Aquino in his role as president.

"However, that 50% net satisfaction rating is for the Aquino Administration as a whole. SWS has a different satisfaction rating for the president alone. That's the right data to use to gauge the popularity of the president. o, given this RIGHT DATA, Aquino was NOT as popular as he stepped in. What was astonishing?" Sass argued in her post.

Sasot also cited Aquino's trust rating using the Social Weather Survey. According to the said data from SWS, Aquino got +29 on his net trust rating as president.

As to this writing, Sass' review has already reached 665 reactions from netizens.

Below is Sasot's full Facebook post:

Source: Facebook | SassSWS