READ: Is this real? Rappler was Aquino's admin machine to remove ex-CJ Corona

Columnist Bobi Tiglao on his social media account described online media outlet Rappler as the propaganda machine used by the Aquino administration against the former Chief Justice Renato Corona when he was in trial.

Tiglao said that Rappler was used to justify the removal of Coron from his public post when it published that he bribed  senators with 100million php from the Disbursement Acceleration Program.

"Rappler's launching was rushed to provide propaganda vs. Corona during his trial which started Jan. 12 2012 and ended May. Corona's removal has been Rappler's biggest achievement," Tiglao added.

On the other hand, the columnist said the rejection of Rappler's documents is a karma.

"I don't think the case would prosper, but at least it reminded us Rappler's role in the unprecedentes removal of chief justice by the incumbent  president," he concluded.

As to this writing, Bobi's post generated 1800 reactions from netizens.

Below is Bobi Tiglao's full Facebook post: