WATCH: New Clark City, coming up

Tired of the congestion challenges in Metro Manila? Then this might be the answer to your daily rants.

A video showing solution to the congestion problems in the National Capital Region went viral on social media platform, Facebook.

In the said video uploaded by Thinking Pinoy on January 24, the plan was modeled after the Putrajaya in Malaysia.

"GOOD NEWS: NEW CLARK CITY, COMING UP! #NewClarkCity is a solution to current challenges in congestion. It will provide a comfortable life for all Filipinos and will greatly benefit the new generation. Modeled after the Putrajaya in Malaysia, the NGAC will have disaster-resilient backup offices accessible even in times of calamities," as read in the caption of the said post.

The plan states that a 9450 hectares will be designed as a metropolis which is resilient to catastrophes and traffic. In addition, it is the new solution to avoid the deteriorating quality of life.

Government agencies will be relocated to this area to create one-stop shop with the purpose to deliver a more efficient and effective public service.

In addition to the government facilities, a world-class sports center will be placed in Clark City. This will be the home of athletes for the upcoming SEA Games 2019.

As to this writing the said video has already generated 50,000 views and 4300 reactions from netizens.

Watch the video below!

Source: Facebook | TPFacebook | BBB Philippines