Filipino kid lectures UP student protesters: Do something worthy in your community

A Filipino kid based in California, USA wrote a message addressed to the University of the Philippines students who walked out of their classes to stage protests against the alleged tyrany and dictatorship of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Using his Facebook page, Andrei Gabriel Esteban published his advice to the student protesters pointing that the students should be the start of change they are crying to the government.

"May message po ako sa mga students na nag rarally against the government. Ang pagbabago na gusto mo ay dapat magsimula sa sarili mo, gawin mo ito para sa Pilipinas at sa mundo.," as read in Andre's post.

Instead of bashing, the young blogger also advised the student protesters to start the change through simple good deeds and doing something worthy inside the community.

"Start with simple good deeds like helping clean the streets and participating in going green--plant some trees or maybe teach out of school homeless kids around Manila how to write and read instead of wasting your time rallying and shouting against the government. Show the world that you are a Filipino and love your country by doing something worthy in your community," he added.

Andre further told these people to be a volunteer for change instead of being a parasite.

This kid has been viral since October 2017 after President Rodrigo Duterte personally read his handwritten letter which photographed and posted on social media  platforms.

Below is Andrei Gabriel Esteban's full Facebook post:

Source: Facebook